On our menu you will see a variety of ways to participate with OCRCC and “Let There Be…” the uOttawa Club of the ORCRCC.      Whether it is a meal, a lecture, individual mentoring, pub discussion, justice engagement, or an opportunity to worship, laugh or cry you are always welcome and we will be better for meeting and knowing you.

  To contact us click here or to find or meet with our campus Chaplain click here.

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ii026_19890141_arms_ottawauniversityThe Coat of Arms for the University Ottawa includes the Latin Phrase “Deus Scientiarum Dominus Est” – “God is the Lord of  all Science.”  Traditionally speaking “science” was understood as larger than “natural science” which is often what people are talking about when they refer to “science” today.  The Coat of Arms would originally have implied that “God is the Lord of All Knowledge/Study/Investigation”