On our menu you will see a variety of ways to participate with the OCRCC and “Let There Be…” (OCRCC’s uOttawa club name).  We desire to explore the way in which the Christian Worldview meets all areas of life and how we can be active participants in the story of God. Through meals, special events, small groups, pub discussions, justice engagement, or an opportunity to worship, laugh or cry, you are always welcome and we will be better for meeting and knowing you.

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Prayer: “If it Be Possible”

anguish james taylorGod of Humanity

Creation, Redemption, Covenant and Justice

are the big ideas which captivate our longings

They are the morsels of desire when the moral senses of our bellies feel empty

From Kiev to Cairo fists are raised and blood is shed

Quiet deaths in Pikangikum and food lines at St. Joe’s

Followers of Jesus arguing over sexuality while children go hungry in the Congo

All of it disconcerting and confusing and frustrating and maddening

And so we arrive at Holy Week

Where our deepest longings

And our burdened hearts

Meet you in quiet darkness of the Garden of Gethsemane

And when you pray

“My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me”

We gasp a little, because your humanity is all too real

You sweat drops of blood knowing the task at hand

And in your prayer you make real the overwhelming task of what it means to truly invest in

Creation, Redemption, Covenant and Justice

With you talk is not cheep

With you Kiev and Cairo are not just clicks of the internet

With you Pikangikum is not only a radio story

With you St. Joe’s supper table is not something one passes by

With you sexuality is not the defining argument of image bearing

With you Congo children are not merely images for refrigerators

With you these are the tangible pieces of your very essence

These are the places

of work

of grace

of love

of forgiveness

of shalom

And you pray

“My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me”

But to our eternal thanks you also say

“not as I will, but as you will.”

And then you take up the cross

May your resolve become ours

May your honesty break our walls

May your victory be our strength

As we take up the cross and follow you



This Week from OCRCC

Study Room: St’ Joe’s has a quiet study room for all students, drop by if you’re looking for a quiet place

Saturday April 19: 11am – Scavenger Hunt Fundraiser for the Well – We’ll meet at St. Joe’s in the Women’s Centre – this is the rescheduled date from March –  Details here

Monday April 21: The Last BREW discussion of the semester at 8:30pm – Royal Oak on Laurier across from uOttawa

UCU 321 Chaplain’s Office: Open for prayer or chat each day